2011-09-03 @ 22:36:05

To all my americans I want to say this: I love you all, I love the experience you gave me and I am forever thankful for all that you gave me. My whole year was a lot of taking and very little giving from my side all the way through, and no one ever complained. I am glad I made you laugh with me and at me ( (; ) and I am glad I could give you something if you feel like I did.

Now I just have one more thing to say, a last thing to ask for. You are all so incredibly nice talking to me and staying in touch. Asking questions and trying to follow my life just like I try to keep up with your life at college or at HHS or wherever you are. This can be quite… hard. I’m not saying I want you to stop talking to me, but I long for America, A LOT. I’ve been missing it tons lately and every single conversation with you all makes me want to cry. Waterfalls. I want us to keep talking, of course I do, but I am going to accept help from an old trick of mine. This blog. When I left for America this was an awesome way to let my Sweden-friends spy on me, and let them know what I am doing. So, from this day and forward there will be an English translation on the bottom of every post. It might not be awesome, but let’s give it a try! Welcome to aicilefs!

I love you all to death and back and I am forever grateful for all you gave me, especially Gwen, Steven, Casey, Marty, Jake, Renee and Drew. You gave me so much.




E-MAIL: (pssssst! jag lovar att det förblir en hemlis!)




Hej kompisar! Du har landat hos aicilef! Den här bloggen drivs av två allra bästa kompisar, Felicia och Nathalie! Vi är ute på vårt livs äventyr och ska under de kommande månaderna leva ur en ryggsäck på resande fot, någonstans mellan Oceanien och Asien! Vi är såklart orimligt pepp på detta och ser fram emot att dela vår resa med er! Välkomna till aicilefs!

ps. Tidigare har bloggen drivits av endast Felicia, i arkivet kan ni läsa om hennes utbytesår i USA (2010/2011) och allt däromkring!