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This post I am dedicating to my beutiful host sister Casey. To be honest, this is really my words for her, but as they are about foreign exchage I am sharing this with all of you. Since it is mainly for Casey, I am writing it in englisgh.

So, Case, this is what I want to say. I know where you are at right now. It is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever feel. The waiting beats the year in some ways. Well, what I wanted to say is that you are amazig, and when you are over there in France feeling down I want you to look at this post and remeber that YOU CAN DO IT!

At first, when I came to Michigan, I thought that there is no way you could make it. Then I got to know you. I have never met anyone with your motivaton and dedication. If anyone is made for this it is you. Remeber the feeling your feeling now, the happy bubbly feeling. Keep it in your heart and bring it up when you need it most. 

It will be tough, but mostly it will be great. You will experience things you never thought you'd do. It's not about going to the Caribian or standing in front of the white house. It is about realizing you know have two families, it's about realizing how big the sugar kick is after mixing swiss miss with crushed oreos. Remeber it's not about what you get to do it is about what you get to feel.

When I left people told me not to get to emoionally enovolved and attached. Do the opposite! Opening your heart and sould to brand new people, strangers, is one of the hardest things I experienced, but it's worth it, because now, I have you and all the other Haggertys, and you mean the world to me. Not your money and not your house, your love. That is what means something. So when you get there, open your heart for the people who are ready to care for you. It will leave a lot to miss but what you get in return is grander than that. 

So, that is concluded what I can give to you. I did this. I know the feeling, but I don't know your feeling. I just know how great is feels to have a (half) year that is no one elses and be able to do whatever with it. It's amazing. The feeling of standing on your own two feet is great and nothing is like it. Do what you want to do and don't let anyone ruin this for you. That is all I can tell you. The only advises I have. I love you Case.

Now, go get 'em girl!

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Hej. Har en UTLOTTNING av ett presentkort på 150 kr att shoppa för hos Nelly. ^_^ Var gärna med och delta.

Kram Amandah

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Dagens blogg ny omgång!

Va gärna med du också om du känner för det :) Annars önskar jag dig en fin dag idag! :)

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Hej kompisar! Du har landat hos aicilef! Den här bloggen drivs av två allra bästa kompisar, Felicia och Nathalie! Vi är ute på vårt livs äventyr och ska under de kommande månaderna leva ur en ryggsäck på resande fot, någonstans mellan Oceanien och Asien! Vi är såklart orimligt pepp på detta och ser fram emot att dela vår resa med er! Välkomna till aicilefs!

ps. Tidigare har bloggen drivits av endast Felicia, i arkivet kan ni läsa om hennes utbytesår i USA (2010/2011) och allt däromkring!